What can expect from us:

Simplicity and Flexibility

Accomplish our commitment with a clear expectation of cost, timing and supply with understanding and without rigidity.

Experience and collaboration

We Provide experience, knowledge and work together to find out solutions to every possible situation.

Safety and Value

Awareness and sensibility to the safety of your project and business with the minimum impact into the daily activities.

We apply an easy methodology of common sense with three points

We explore

We hear you, we are not afraid to investigate and make questions (hard questions, questions involve). We know that define the proper technologic solutions require a deep comprehension of the complex projects what you face.

We organize

With a team of first-class professionals, MEINSA accumulates decades of multidisciplinary experience obtained in multiple projects, processes and sectors, including pharmacy, chemistry, food and beverages, water,…

We deliver

We provide an efficient documentation of the appropriate solution. We will help you deliver the quality, personalization and availability your customers demand, and we will do whatever it takes to become a hero and be yours. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Most importantly, let's design solutions that work for people who use the system day by day

Control and Management

Each installation requires a solution appropriate to its characteristics. From premises based on local control, control architectures with PLC and SCADA to complex Distributed Control Systems (DCS), process with BATCH control or simple recipe management, weighing systems, ... We are independent integrators, we evaluate each case with a clear Objective, to find the best solution for each case.

Special projects

We are passionate about turnkey projects, which require special solutions, for Hazardous Areas (ATEX, SIL, ...), with high availability needs, obsolescence with change challenges without affecting production, ... We tackle any project with security and confidence, because we know we have the right equipment to deal with it.


We have gone from requiring that control systems be "only" dedicated to the management of processes to ask for thousands of data inhistorizers, working in virtual environments, integrated with other systems, ...We have taken them from their island and we have integrated them with the whole organization. This has forced us to integrate in our skills more computer management skills.

From High Voltage to Communication Networks

Control and Management

From reception, whether in High Voltage or Medium Voltage, ou can count on MEINSA. We have a team of professionals who are not limited to installations and maintenance, they involve you as if it were your own home, they help you to improve the facilities, to make them safer and more efficient , to keep up with the rules.

Control Facilities

There is an abysmal difference between performing power installations to control projects, therefore, the same profiles can not be the ones performing one job or another. At MEINSA all our professionals have extensive experience in performing control installations, with "weak" signals, nstrumentation connections, signal tests, ... we are the professionals of installation of control projects.


networks are increasingly present and are more important for the proper functioning of our plants. We have specialized in the design and installation of copper or fiber optic communications networks, industrial field buses, network audits and certification, PROFIBUS and PROFINET network analysis, ....

Why is it so difficult for us to know what happens at the factory?

Factory management

If we use e-mail platforms for communication instead of sending postcards and / or letters, ¿porque seguimos inundando nuestras plantas con miles de papeles? why do we keep flooding our plants with thousands of papers? MOM / MES production management systems, electronic manufacturing guides, workflow systems, ... a wide range of solutions to facilitate your resource management.

Operational Intelligence

We mix the experience in automation, in tools, in procedures and above all knowledge of industrial processes. All this baggage allows us to contextualize the data to obtain information and use them to provide us with the appropriate answers through Electronic Batch Records (EBR), Reporting and Trending systems, Business Intelligence, ...

Energy Management Systems

Whether by complying with RD 56/2016, implementing ISO50001 or simply to better manage the use of energy from factories nergy Management Systems (SGEn) are tools that help us a lot to Save money, know where we consume and know the energy cost of each unit we produce.

Because we adapt to your needs

What is needed

In the market there are many options that offer the service of maintenance, installation and support. You can choose a freelance local freelance, low cost, hire directly with the different equipment manufacturers of your plant, or choose a giant maintenance company with a service package of a single size.

Multidisciplinary team

We have the right equipment, available when you need them. We are an agile company with the breadth and depth needed to keep your plant running smoothly, including significant experience in electrical installations of AT, MT, thermographs and any type of control system.


We offer coverage around the clock. We understand that it is not only what we do, but how we do it. We will communicate with you and your team clearly and often. We will listen to your needs and expectations and follow you.



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