About us

MEINSA : A 40 years learning

We have been learning, growing and adapting tothe needs of our clients for over 40 years. 

Since our beginnings we work to offer the best solutions in automation and industrial electricity. A lifetime of linking relationships that create great stories.

More than 40 years and we continue with the same illusion of the first day.


The team

Our team is committed to do things right, helping you to carry out your most critical, urgent and desired projects. 

It’s not just the experience or the services that we offer which make clients repeating, it’s our people. Teams that bring commitment, experience, collaboration, security and value.


1. Engineering and design team

The success of any project depends on the development of an adequate engineering for each project.

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2. Equipment for the manufacture of power and control electrical cabinets

We design and manufacture the main control and electrical power equipment for your installation. Equipment with different certifications and regulations, depending on the countries and environments of destination.

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3. Industrial software development team.

We define the specific needs for software development and also develop custom software.

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4. Electrical installation equipment in the field

We install your processes and machinery and start it up. We monitor production and train the personnel who will use the facilities.

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5. Medium and low voltage maintenance equipment

We help you to know the operating status of equipment, reduce energy losses in electrical systems and maximize the useful life of equipment.

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6. 24/365 Customer Support Team

We offer your company coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We adapt to your needs so that your plant is always in operation.

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Our objectives

We want to carry out your most complicated project. All our experience to make the day-to-day of your business easier.

Our goal is to obtain greater control and security in the development of your products and services, and to increase profits thanks to an optimization of the processes.

We are your support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With a process based on efficiency and details.

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Who we work for

At Meinsa we are committed to do things right and providing exceptional service. Our clients trust us for their most important projects.

Automation is a real bet for companies that have left in our hands the design and implementation of this new industrial reality.

We work for those companies that bet on optimizing productivity resources, but also distribution and even customer relations.






Choose an automation partner that allows you to focus on your work, with the peace of mind that you have placed your trust in good hands. Choose MEINSA.