Centrient Pharmaceuticals


The Company

Centrient Pharmaceuticals, is the world’s leading manufacturer of sustainable antibiotics, next-generation statins and antifungals. DSP develops, produces and sells generic intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and pharmaceutical products (DPs). Headquartered in Singapore, DSP has manufacturing facilities and sales offices in China, India, Egypt, the Netherlands, Spain, the United States and Mexico.

Centrient Pharmaceuticals has a global control system for the entire plant, which includes the production process itself and auxiliary facilities. The overall installation consists of 5,262 inputs and outputs. Being an API production, all the automation complies with the demanding GAMP and CFR21 part 11 regulations that regulate all production of pharmaceutical products.

Platforms / Applied Technologies

The control system is based on SIMATIC S7-300 equipment from SIEMENS. Each plant has its own controller. Supervision and management of the entire plant is carried out by means of the WONDERWARE System Platform. A client-server architecture is used for process control.

The whole plant has three SCADA servers: the 60k tag production server, the 1k tag purifier and the 1k tag Tank Farm. The global supervision of the plant is carried out by means of 7 clients and a Video Wall located in the control room.

WONDERWARE’s InBatch platform is used for the execution and management of recipes. The InBatch controls all factory manufacturing batches, main manufacturing and by-product manufacturing. There are two exclusive Inbatch customers in the production area.

For the recording of process variables it uses WONDERWARE’s Historian, where process data and critical variables of the entire factory are centralized.

Using InBatch’s own reporting tools and the additional functionalities of Dream Reports software, DSP has a complete Electronic Batch Records (EBR) that allows it to comply with its demanding quality and security protocols.

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