Chemical sector

At MEINSA we work on the automation of processes for the chemical industry, which stands out due to the risks inherent in classified areas.

Our solutions
for the chemical industry

When we talk about the chemical industry, we have to place special emphasis on the safety of personnel, since we are working with sensitive substances and in classified areas where the risks of fire and explosion are something typical of the sector to which maximum attention must be paid.

Raw materials and ingredients

Given the delicate nature of the materials, one of our focuses is the automation of their supply and offering a solution that allows the supervision and control of raw materials to be carried out to the maximum.

Likewise, among the processes that we managed to automate, are the dosage and the control of weighing, which also allow us to guarantee the quality of the product and achieve standardization.

Manufacturing and packaging

Thanks to batch processes and automatic format changes, we are able to optimize the manufacturing and packaging process of the final product.

In fact, batch or batch manufacturing processes allow us to define the operations that will intervene in the process and automate their execution in previously defined periods of time. When packaging, it is possible to change the format whenever necessary, replacing the manual settings with connected indicators that turn out to be a solution to automate a daily task.

In a sector like the chemical industry, where safety is a top priority, we use all our resources to reduce human exposure to potential risks.

Other processes

Cleaning, waste treatment, reduction of energy consumption… At MEINSA we develop automation solutions for various processes that take place daily in a chemical factory:

  • CIP systems for automatic cleaning without disassembling the machines.
  • Automation of waste plants.
  • Control of water treatment.
  • Optimization of energy consumption.
  • RFID technology to identify products in real time and guarantee traceability.


Soluciones 360º

Podemos trabajar todo el proceso, desde el diseño del sistema hasta su implementación y mantenimiento. O, si lo prefieres, trabajamos cada etapa de forma independiente.

Diseño de la Ingeniería Eléctrica y de Control.

Fabricación de Armarios Eléctricos de Potencia y Control.

 Programación y Configuración de Software Industrial.

Instalación Eléctrica y de Control.

Implementación y Mantenimiento.

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