Food industry

From MEINSA we offer process automation solutions for the food industry, in which we consider the peculiarities and needs of the sector.

Our solutions
for the food industry

In a sector such as the food industry, in which taking maximum care of the quality of the product is essential, we take care of different phases of the production process: from the dosage of the ingredients to the automated cleaning of the facilities.

Raw materials and ingredients

Through projects carefully designed and adapted to the requirements of food product factories, we were able to automate the supply of raw materials —liquid and solid— and offer a complete solution for their supervision and control.

Likewise, we work on different aspects related to the handling of ingredients. We take care of automating the dosage and weighing control to standardize the product and guarantee its quality.

Manufacturing and packaging

We optimize the product manufacturing and packaging process with solutions such as batch processes and the automation of format changes.

Through batch processes, we define the set of operations that are involved in production so that they are executed automatically in a determined period of time. For packaging, we replace the manual adjustments of the machine axes with connected indicators to change the product format whenever necessary.

In a field as demanding as the food industry, we put all the resources at the client’s disposal to respond effectively to the demands of the market.

Other processes

Energy efficiency, effective cleaning to avoid cross contamination, waste management… We incorporate process automation solutions to respond to the needs of the factory:

  • CIP systems to perform cleaning automatically without having to disassemble the machines.
  • Automation of waste plants.
  • Control of water treatment.
  • Optimization of energy consumption.
  • Identification of products in real time and traceability through RFID technology, very useful for carrying out logistics and inventory operations.


If you need help to optimize your processes in the food industry, write to us.

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