Electrical and Control
Engineering Design

Oriented to field installers.

We design and optimize the automation and control systems of your business

The success of any project depends on good engineering and complete, useful and orderly documentation to guide each phase.

We make an engineering oriented to installers, suitable for each project.

We help you to offer the quality, customization and availability that your customers demand.

How do we do it?

Our engineering is optimized for compliance with GMP standards and validation protocols.

We collaborate with a team of qualified engineers to have the greatest success in each of our projects.

When to hire us?

Outsourcing of functions

Design of new electrical equipment

Updating or generation of documentation of existing equipment and processes

Engineering and Control Software

Eplan P8

Eplan ProPanel

Caneco BT


ISO 9001:2015


industria 4.0

We offer you 3 trends on the automation of industrial processes that we will be able to see this 2019.

Choose an Industrial Automation partner that allows you to focus on your work,
Choose MEINSA.


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