Electrical and control

At MEINSA we take care of the entire electrical and control installation. We create the infrastructure and link the wiring with the power elements and the maneuver signals.

Types of industrial electrical installation

In order to adapt to the needs of our clients, we work with different types of electrical installation in factories in different sectors:

BT distribution

In the distribution of BT, we work taking into account:

  • The characteristics of the environment through which the route will run (areas without specific risk, classified, corrosive…)
  • The specific needs of the receiver/s to be fed (section, number of conductors, insulation and cable protection)
  • Particularities of the layout, with respect to the distances and separation of circuits of the different technologies such as crossings with MV lines, or separation with weak signal circuits

ATEX installations

The industry applies the standards EN 60079-10-1 and/or EN 60079-10-2 for the classification of ATEX zones, where zones 0, 1 and 2 are for gases and zones 20, 21 or 22 are for dusts.

In electrical installation, various protections are used. The most frequent would be:

  • Exd .. .. .., with its protection level, explosion group and temperature class (eg Exdb IIA T1, for a propane installation in Zone 1)
  • Exi .., with its zone definition (eg Exia, for an intrinsically safe installation in Zone 0 gas or Zone 20 dust)

Our method

Our team defines the layout, assembles the support and passage infrastructures, lays the necessary wiring and makes the connections of the elements and equipment with the corresponding identification of conductors and elements.

SAT tests

Once the assembly is complete, we carry out SAT tests in the factory to ensure that our solution is adapted to the characteristics of the plant and meets the needs of the client.

Advanced technology

To achieve a result that meets our quality standards, we have technology from leading manufacturers in the sector.

Trust MEINSA for your electrical and control installation.

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