At MEINSA we base ourselves on the client’s requirements, the applicable regulations and the characteristics of the elements to be integrated to develop the electrical engineering of your process.

Steps for electrical engineering

When designing electrical and control engineering, we take into account a series of essential steps to achieve a good result.

User Requirements (URS)

We take into account the needs to be covered in the project, both inherent to the facilities —regulations, classified areas, pressures, supply voltages…— and specific —communications architecture, types of materials, locations

Control and communications architecture

We distribute the loads and control elements, with the necessary communications.

Item lists

We detail the power elements and the control elements, with their characteristics and their assigned reference label.

Calculations and selection of materials

We make the necessary calculations for the project and assign the appropriate material references to the needs.

Elaboration of the schemes

We graphically reflect —with the help of EPLAN P8— the elements that we have previously selected.


Once the start-up is complete, we add, delete or rename the elements or wiring that we have had to modify.

Electrical and control engineering projects

With the help of the appropriate software for each case, we prepare electrical and control engineering documents adapted to each project. In addition, as established by CE and UL regulations, we include design verification sheets that cover both technical details and compliance with customer requirements.

Software for calculation
and engineering design

To prepare complete engineering projects adapted to each factory, we use different specialized tools:

  • CANECO: It helps us to make the electrical calculation of protections, selectivity, cables… In addition, it allows us to select the applicable regulations and the brand of switchgear.
  • EPLAN P8: It allows us to develop the engineering and design of electrical diagrams.
  • EPLAN PRO-PANEL: Once the schematics were completed with EPLAN P8, we turned to this tool to design the cabinets and preview them in 2D/3D.


With the help of all available tools and thanks to the experience of our team, we prepare complete engineering documents adapted to the requirements of each project, which include:

  • Power, control and communications architectures
  • Electric schemes
  • Dimension drawings for the manufacture of cabinets and plates
  • Implementation plans in the process
  • Instructions for connections and labels
  • Lists of necessary materials
  • Sheets for FAT and SAT verifications

If you need help in the elaboration of the electrical and control engineering of your process, contact MEINSA.

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