Implementation and
industrial maintenance

We take care of starting up your installation and we help you to know the status of your processes to carry out predictive, preventive and corrective industrial maintenance.

Implementation of
industrial facilities

We carry out the industrial installations (electrical power and control, pneumatics and communications) necessary for the entire process.

Start-up phases

Once completed, we take care of its implementation going through the following phases:

Visual verification of all connections in cabinets and elements.
Checking the power supply sources and voltages and control, calibrating the powers by adjusting protections.
Testing of the signals in the safety circuits and commissioning.
Verification of all signals from sensors and actuators.
“Manual” tests of the entire installation.
Partial starts in “semi-automatic”.
“Automatic” commissioning.

Industrial maintenance

To help you find out the status of your processes, at MEINSA we help you carry out the industrial maintenance of your factory.

Predictive and preventive maintenance

At MEINSA we go beyond corrective maintenance, which focuses on solving existing faults, and we help you carry out predictive and preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance takes into account times or other criteria to schedule repairs and replacements, while predictive maintenance is based on the actual conditions of the facilities. After studying your needs, we will offer you the most appropriate solution for your case.

Support and training

After go-live, we offer your team a complete training in which all the relevant details for its use are addressed. In addition, we are at your disposal at any time to assist you remotely or in person, as necessary.

For the start-up of the facilities and efficient industrial maintenance, write to us.

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