Industrial Control
Software Programming

At MEINSA we take care of programming the most suitable industrial control software for the process, always considering the functional specifications of each project.

Custom industrial control software

Our team assesses the needs of the plant and the characteristics of the processes to make a customized configuration of the industrial control software.

Software configuration

For this, we have solutions from different top-level technology companies that offer us options for various cases.

Some of the points that we consider are the complexity of the processes individually and as a whole and the risks that these can pose both for the human team and for the quality of the final product.

Especially if we take into account sensitive sectors such as the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, guaranteeing adequate control of each element that intervenes in production is essential for both the factory and the consumer.

Factory process control systems

SCADA and DCS systems are two options to control processes in the factory.

SCADA and DCS systems

SCADA and DCS systems respond to different control and management needs of production processes.

SCADA systems are based on data acquisition from centralized software that allows remote monitoring of facilities for subsequent data processing.

DCS systems consist of a modular architecture that is very beneficial when it comes to complex processes. They are based on the configuration of several systems intended to control different processes or different areas of the factory that are later linked at a higher level thanks to communication networks.

To find out which is the most suitable for your plant, contact us and we will take care of analyzing it to offer you the most appropriate solution.


We have several software for industrial programming:

  • PLC software: They allow us to establish the communications between the PLCs, their peripheries and the communicated elements, as well as the logical concatenations and the calculations for the operation.
  • SCADA supervision software: They consult the PLCs for the states of the signals and process values to visualize them graphically and store them in the Historian database to issue reports and statistics.
  • Adjustment and parameterization software: They are used to configure different elements, from drives to those related to instrumentation.

Advantages of industrial software

Why install industrial software? The automation of production processes in the factory provides numerous benefits that range from increased productivity to the use of data for better decision making.

Factory productivity

Having a system that automates certain repetitive processes saves resources, human and material, and avoids errors that would result in losses.


The control of industrial processes offers information on the state of the facilities, so that it is possible to carry out predictive and preventive maintenance and avoid accidents that could even pose a risk to people.

Operational intelligence and business intelligence

At MEINSA we digitize and analyze the data collected by the software to prepare customized reports that are later used to make strategic decisions. In addition, an industrial control system allows access to this information in real time to make decisions on the spot and improve the operation of operations.

If you need more information about industrial control software programming, contact us.

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